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Writing and publishing like a boss is an excellent experience, if you have something to offer to your audience. When you meet the needs of a specialized industry, there is no better reward. If your industry is especially small, you might have a built in audience that other publishers won’t be able to meet. That leaves you possibly meeting new expectations in an industry otherwise unmet. The results, a reliable pay check and some new earned respect. Here’s why you should become an expert and strive to meet small niche needs:

Control Creativity-The publishing house owns the rules. You might have a story to tell, but it must fit within the editorial guidelines of the publisher. When you self-publish, you control the cover design, book content, price and distribution. You also own all the rights to reprints, print media and spin off items.

Market Your Way-More and more publishing companies rely on the author to market books. Just look at the latest book covers and see which is larger the author’s name or the book title? It’s the author who sells books. As a niche professional, you have a built in market and your efforts can easily reach them. You know what works, so go to it.

Money, Money, Money-Self publishers earn all the profit. Set your price, pay the distributor and keep the rest. I have written for publishing companies that have paid 8% royalty. Work hard, write a book, earn $4.95 on the $60.00 sales price. With the self-publishing model, you work hard, write a book and keep $60.00 minus expenses.

Publish On Your Schedule-Can’t get that book done in time? Who cares, nobody’s keeping count. Ahead of schedule, go ahead and print, nobody is stopping you. This is your time and place, you decide when is good.

Publish Like a Boss-You’re in charge, you own a company. You are CEO, COO, Owner, Proprieter, Publisher or whatever you want to call yourself. Isn’t that what the biggest rage was in the 70’s where people built their empires on publishing companies? With advanced technology, software and distribution, you can too. All you need is creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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