In this modern age where our lives are almost dictated to by technology, it is not surprising that, like so many other items, texts are now available in electronic form. Electronic Publishing (also referred to as ‘ePublishing’) involves the digital publication of electronic articles as well as e-books (an electronic book – a book length publication viewed in digital form, consisting of images, text or both) and the eventual growth of digital libraries and catalogues.

Electronic publications have become increasingly common in scientific publishing where it has recently been argued that electronic publications have been gradually replacing peer-reviewed scientific journals. Despite the fact that nowadays the term electronic publications is most often associated with items published via the internet (which, when done in the form of a website is referred to as web publishing or online publishing), electronic publications are also distributed by non network means. Encyclopedias published in CD or DVD format are two such methods of distributing electronic publications without using the internet, as are the technical and reference publications which are greatly relied upon by users of mobile phones or other similar devices who do not have network access which is either reliable or speedy.

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