Prolific writers love writing eBooks for several reasons. eBooks are big writing projects that writers love to get their writing ‘teeth’ into, they’re easy to format because there are no paper page issues to worry about, and they’re quick to publish which leaves more time for writing.

But if you want to make a lot of money as an eBook writer then you need to be able to write fast. The faster you can produce an eBook the quicker you can start selling it, and you can go on selling it for years as long as the content is up to date. Even fiction books can get out-dated sometimes.

So you need to create eBooks fast if you want to earn your living this way.

The first thing you have to do with any eBook is research your subject. Even fiction books sometimes need a bit of research to make sure they are factually correct.

Research can be done quickly on the internet. These days most libraries now have their reference books online too. Just make sure that you don’t get distracted by websites that look interesting but have no relevance to your research. Stay focused. Set aside an amount of time for research and that way, you’ll be less distracted by ‘pretty’ things you find on the internet because your time will be limited.

Next you need to outline your eBook thoroughly so that you know exactly what information you’re going to be including and in what order. Then it’s time to start writing. If you’ve researched enough and outlined properly, the actual writing should be easy and fast to do because you’ll have so many notes and outlines to refer to, plus all the information will be fresh in your mind.

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